Horizontal Benchtop Medical Autoclaves with prevacuums and drying

AHS-B-MD series
Sterilization of non-wrapped solid products, such as clinical instruments, with a drying program optional. Sterilization of many wrapped solid products and a lot of porous load, such as wrapped clinical instruments or wrapped hospital textile material, with optional drying program. To verify the sterilizer with predefined Bowie-Dick and Vacuum Test programs. Sterilization of distilled water and non-medicinal liquid preparations, in open bottles.


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Horizontal benchtop medical autoclaves with prevacuums and drying (22-79L) – AHS-B-MD Series


  • Sterilization chamber made of AISI-316L stainless steel.
  • Equipment controlled by digital PID microprocessor, with 12 predefined and 38 editable programs, adjustable by time, temperature, number of prevacuums, drying time and type of cycle (solids or liquids).
  • Cycles with fractioned vacuum (1-3 prevacuums) and final drying by vacuum pump and heating jacket.
  • Steam production by steam generator.
  • Color alphanumeric touchscreen that shows sterilization parameters, alerts and errors.
  • Includes clean and used water tanks for an automatic feed of the sterilization chamber. Optional automatic feed of the clean water tank.
  • Bacteriological filter for air inlet.



  • Fractioned prevacuum and automatic drying.
  • Programs for liquids.
  • Test cycles: Vacuum Test and Bowie-Dick Test.
  • Optional heart probe.
  • Connection to PC.
  • USB port for downloading data and updates. Ethernet port for PC connection.
  • Internal memory for more than 100 cycle data.
  • Optional control software.
  • Programmable auto-start (date and time).
  • Optional integrated printer.


  • Safety valve, thermostat and pressure switch.
  • Hydraulic lid blocking system while positive pressure exists in the chamber.
  • Open lid sensor.
  • Water level detector.


Components supplied

  • AH-21-B-MD
    – Support for 5 trays.
    – 3 stainless steel perforated trays.
    – Auxiliary tray.
    – Holding clamp.
    – 1.5 m flexible tube for drainage.
    – Bag support.


  • AHS-50-B-MD & AHS-75-B-MD
    – Support for 5 trays.
    – 2 stainless steel perforated trays.
    – Auxiliary tray.
    – 1.5 m flexible tube for drainage.

Chamber Volume total / usable22/21 L55/50 L79/75 L
Usable chamber dimensions Ø x H210 x 430 mm 360 x 400 mm 360 x 600 mm
External dimensions L x D x H560 x 660 x 425 mm 805 x 805 x 650 mm 805 x 1005 x 650 mm
Temperature 105 – 134 ºC105 – 134 ºC105 – 134 ºC
Maximum pressure2‚1 barg2‚1 barg2‚1 barg
Power 2000 W3600 W3600 W
Gross weight85 Kg125 Kg140 Kg
Voltage *230 V230 V230 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Clean water tank 6 L 10 L 10 L
Waste water tank 2‚6 L 10 L 10 L

* Ask for other voltages

All RAYPA medical autoclaves comply with ISO 13485: 2016 certification.


Stainless steel perforated tray

Stainless steel wire horizontal basket

Bag support

Stainless steel container

Flexible “heart” probe PT-100

For autoclave calibration

Integrated thermal printer

Automatic water filling kit

Automatic water filling kit

Transport trolley

Water distiller

Sterilization control tape

Pack Bowie & Dick Test

PC connection