Automatic Autoclaves with Counter Pressure

Series AHS-RFG

The autoclave series AHS-RFG are designed for sterilization sealed containers combining the fast cooling feature with direct shower in the sterilization chamber and the support pressure to deliver a short cycle time and to assure a the integrity of the primary packaging. These autoclaves are intended for the sterilization of culture media in a short period of time and for quality control of packaging for the food industry.


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Intended use

  • Suitable to sterilize: sealed containers that require pressure control to prevent possible explosions or implosions. Quality control, analysis and testing in general canister and closures. Sterilization process where very short cycles are needed.


  • External case made of aluminum and iron EPOXI painted.
  • Front panel made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Chamber case and lid made of AISI-316L stainless steel.


  • Included flexible “heart” probe.
  • Programmable counter-pressure.
  • Ultra fast shower cooling.
  • Automatic water feeding.
  • Easy chamber cleaning.
  • Programmable auto-start (date and time).
  • 50 programs.
  • Storing of more than 100 cycles.
  • USB (for downloading data and charging new updates).
  • Ethernet (PC connection).

Components supplied with the autoclave

  • Support for five trays.
  • Two perforated trays made of stainless steel. Ref. BAH-B.
  • Auxiliary tray.
  • 1.5 m flexible tube to drain condensation reservoir.
Reference Capacity L Ø × H cm D × W × H cm Temp. °C max. bar pressure
AHS-50-RFG 50 40 × 40 78 × 76 × 63 50-130 2‚1
AHS-75-RFG 75 40 × 60 98 × 76 × 63 50-130 2‚1
W Kg Time range min.
2800 125 1-250
3200 140 1-250

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Included accessories

BAH - Stainless steel tray

IT - built in printer

ITS - benchtop printer

PT-2 - heart probe

Software SW7000

TEST-CT - sterilization indicator tape