Automatic Autoclaves with Fractionated Vacuum

Series AH-B

The automatic benchtop horizontal autoclaves AH-B covers the needs for the sterilization of materials and equipment of different medical specialties in order to increase the productivity of the laboratory.

AH-B autoclaves are designed for the sterilization of a wide range of hollow and porous solid materials, packed or unpacked devices and other laboratory items. This reliable medical laboratory equipment is designed for ease of use and includes many safety features to protect users in their daily routine.

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Intended use

  • B Class: Suitable to sterilize: unwrapped and wrapped solids, porous objects, and hollow ware.


  • External case made of aluminum and iron EPOXI painted. Front panel made of AISI-304 stainless steel. Chamber case and lid made of AISI-316L stainless steel.
  • Total control by microprocessor. Test cycles: Vacuum Test, Bowie & Dick Test / Helix Test.
  • Clean and condensates water reservoir.


  • Fractioned vacuum (from 1 to 3 prevacuum).
  • Automatic water feeding (optional).
  • Easy chamber cleaning.
  • Programmable auto-start (date and time)
  • 12 predefined programs and 38 user free.
  • Storing of more than 100 cyclesUSB (for downloading data and charging new updates).
  • Ethernet (PC connection).


  • Safety valve, thermostat and safety pressure switch.
  • Hydraulic door blocking system.
  • Open lid sensor

Components supplied with the autoclave

  • Tray support for four trays.
  • Three stainless steel perforated trays Ref. BAH-21.
  • Auxiliary tray.
  • A holding clamp.
  • Flexible tube with quick connection to drain condensation reservoir.
  • Bag support. Ref. BAP-21
Reference Capacity L Ø × H cm L × D × H cm Temp. °C
AH-21-B 21 25 × 43 68 × 59 × 42.5 121-134
Pressure max. bar W Kg Time Range min.
2‚1 2300 85 1-250

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Accessories supplied with the equipment

BAH - stainless steel tray

IT - built in printer

ITS - benchtop printer

Software SW7000

PT-2 - heart probe

TEST Bowie & Dick

TEST Helix

TEST-CT - sterilisation indicator tape