Vertical Floor-standing Laboratory Autoclaves with superdrying system

TLV-PD Series
All TLV-PD autoclaves are equipped with state-of-the-art sterilization technology, including a heating jacket and a high-performance liquid-ring pump, to achieve an advanced sterilization of solids in industrial and research environments of the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological industries that sterilize glass, vials, porous materials and packaged solids.

All Top line vertical autoclaves offer best in class connectivity features and comply with the latest electronic records and data control regulations to be able to work under FDA and GMP environments.

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Vertical Floor-standing Laboratory Autoclaves with superdrying system (58-169L) – TLV-PD Series


  • Sterilization chamber made of AISI-316L stainless steel.
  • Maximum temperature and pressure: 140°C and 2,6 Barg.
  • Integrated steam generator with automatic filling.
  • Super-drying system by heating jacket and liquid-ring pump.
  • High performance vacuum pump that allows from 1 to 3 prevacuum cycles.
  • 7” Capacitive color touchscreen.
  • FDA & GMP-compliant controller and connectivity to PC, cloud, intranet and LIMS.
  • Bacteriological filter for air inlet and outlet.
  • Automatic water feed from water network.
  • Water-cooled discharge.


  • Fractioned prevacuum and postvacuum.
  • Fast drying function for solids.
  • Agar mode and programs for liquids.
  • Optional main and secondary flexible heart probes to enable sterilization by Fo value.
  • Programmable timer start.
  • Casters with brakes.
  • Mechanically assisted lid controlled by push-button.
  • Unlimited data storage.
  • RS-232, USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection.
  • Connection to RAYPAcloud.
  • Optional integrated or external paper printer, label printer and barcode scanner.
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP Annex 11.



  • Safety valve.
  • Safety thermostat.
  • Lid opening prevention system.
  • Open lid sensor.
  • Water level detector inside the steam generator.

Chamber dimensions usable Ø x H400 x 450 mm400 x 650 mm500 x 600 mm500 x 850 m
Chamber volume total/usable58/56 L83/81 L124/118 L169/155 L
External dimensions L x D x H610 x 870 x 1060 mm610 x 876 x 1110 mm710 x 980 x 1160 mm710 x 980 x 1310 mm
Gross weight140 Kg150 Kg195 Kg210 Kg
Power 3600 W3600 W9000 W9000 W
Electrical voltage*230 (1P+N+E) V230 (1P+N+E) V400V (3P+N+E) V400 (3P+N+E) V
Frequency 50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Working temperature range105-140 ºC105-140 ºC105-140 ºC105-140 ºC
Maximum working pressure2‚6 Barg2‚6 Barg2‚6 Barg2‚6 Barg
Maximum design Temperature / Pressure146 ºC / 2‚9 Barg146 ºC / 2‚9 Barg146 ºC / 2‚9 Barg146 ºC / 2‚9 Barg

*Ask for other voltages.



Cloud-based software license with FDA and GMP adaptation

Adaptation of the autoclave controller to FDA and GMP regulations

Private cloud server

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