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With over 40 years of experience, RAYPA has emerged as a globally recognized leader in laboratory equipment manufacturing, delivering innovative solutions on an international scale. Our focus lies in developing, producing, marketing, and offering after-sales services for autoclaves and food analysis equipment.

Our purpose


We are dedicated to crafting equipment and guiding our clients, offering innovative and sustainable solutions tailored to fulfill their needs and exceed their expectations.


Our aim is to sustain our status as a globally esteemed brand, blending a legacy of expertise with a dynamic and adaptable team.

Our values

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We encourage the ability to create and dissolve structures, striving to offer security amidst change, while paying special attention to the management of its emotional consequences, with the goal of learning, growing, and developing in the face of difficulties. We want teams that can improvise, with a problem-solving attitude and who know how to prioritize and adapt to change.

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We are convinced that to foster the emergence of the best ideas, it is necessary to attempt the impossible time and time again. We adore non-conformists who promote new initiatives, changes in our working models, and who drive improvements in their respective roles. It is in our DNA to constantly innovate to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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We look for individuals who take joy in their work and who radiate energy in their interactions with their colleagues. We believe that carrying out our work with passion, effort, and enthusiasm helps to elevate the morale of any team, achieve extraordinary results, and make us happier.

operational excellence

Operational Excellence

Based on the principles of lean management, we want the company and all its employees to foster a mindset of continuous improvement focused on reducing waste, optimizing processes, and putting the customer at the center.

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We believe that approachable, kind, and empathic individuals help build long-lasting and quality relationships. Thanks to these bonds, we can work more effectively as a team and have a greater impact with our initiatives.

In-house innovation and development

We are committed to driving innovation in our industry. Our dedicated team of engineers and laboratory technicians continuously strives to develop new technologies to enhance our processes and products. Furthermore, we actively collaborate with our academic and industrial partners to stay at the forefront of the sector. Our proven track record in successfully launching new products to the market speaks to our robust innovation capabilities. We are always seeking ways to push boundaries and exceed our customers’ expectations. Choose RAYPA for the most advanced and innovative solutions in the industry.

In-house innovation and development
Expert manufacturer

Expert manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we have developed extensive expertise in autoclave technology and food analysis. Our team of professionals possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the various processes and technologies employed in our manufacturing operations. We are continually investing in infrastructure, training, and development to ensure operational excellence in the production of our equipment. We are proud of our ability to find solutions for even the most complex manufacturing challenges. This level of expertise enables us to offer our customers products and services of the highest quality and durability. Choose our brand for our exceptional experience and industrial proficiency in manufacturing laboratory equipment.

Service commitment

Our company is devoted to achieving commercial excellence in every aspect of our work. From sales and marketing initiatives to technical support, we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience to our customers, driven by a strong commitment to service. Our team of experienced professionals is focused on understanding the needs and challenges of our clients and finding the most suitable solutions to meet their requirements. With a proven track record of market success, our clients trust us for reliable, high-quality products and services. Choose RAYPA for our dedication to delivering exceptional service you can trust.

Service commitment
RAYPA Warehouse

Global reach

As a leading manufacturer, our influence extends globally and we are proud of our substantial international footprint. Our products and services are utilized across various industries around the world, and we maintain a strong presence in numerous international markets. We have a team of seasoned professionals who understand the local markets and cultures in which we operate. We are committed to working closely with our distributors to deliver the finest products and services to our customers. Furthermore, our team ensures timely and pristine delivery of our products to any part of the globe.

Our history


Teresa Espinar

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Ramon Espinar

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Eric San Agustín

Commercial Director

Josep Oliver

R&D Director

Vanesa González

Financial Director

Sergi Amil

Operations Director


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Corporate presentation

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