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Oenological distiller

Automatic oenologic distiller for rapid determination of alcoholic strength by volume of beverages

  • Automatic distillation compatible with beverages of any alcohol content
  • Accurate and reproducible results according to OIV, EEC 2676/90 and EC 2870/2000 standards.
  • 3.5'' touchscreen and Wi-Fi connection for access to RAYPAnet


  • Oenologic Distiller ENODEST%
  • Oenologic Distiller ENODEST%
  • Oenologic Distiller ENODEST%
  • Oenologic Distiller ENODEST%
  • Oenologic Distiller ENODEST%

Steam distiller for determining volumetric alcohol content

Experience the efficiency and versatility of our ENODEST alcohol distiller, specifically designed to meet the demands of any laboratory focused on alcoholic beverage analysis. It’s capable of calculating the alcoholic strength by volume in beverages of any alcohol content, in compliance with OIV, EEC 2676/90, and EC 2870/2000 regulations, as well as measuring volatile acidity and sorbic acid. It’s the perfect instrument for laboratories of wineries, liqueur manufacturers, breweries, and ethanol production facilities.

With a successful track record spanning over 30 years in research and development, this new generation of the Oeonologic distiller is built to withstand the test of time. Constructed with materials of superior quality, its stainless steel exterior ensures its durability and resistance to wear.

Additionally, our Alcohol distiller features a modern design and advanced technology, including a 5″ touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity for result analysis on RAYPAnet, and an enhanced cooling system for efficient alcoholic sample distillation, ensuring accuracy and consistency in results.

Choose our ENODEST Alcohol distiller to elevate your analyses to a new level of efficiency and precision. Leveraging our extensive experience in the market, we provide solutions that seamlessly blend into your lab operations. Reach out to us now to explore how our equipment can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your analytical processes.

Enodest: photo detail


Our oenological distiller is equipped with an electric steam generator of adjustable power, a water addition pump for automatic sample dilution, an adapter that allows the use of different flask volumes and an optimized cooling circuit for alcohol distillation. This combination of features ensures precise and consistent results across various distilled volumes in beverages of any alcohol content, in accordance with the official standards set forth in OIV regulations, EEC 2676/90, and EC 2870/2000.


The 5'' touchscreen provides real-time updates of all relevant variables for each assay. The process steps are intuitively presented through animations, icons, and timers, simplifying the understanding and execution of the procedure. Every model comes with Wi-Fi capability, enabling connection to the RAYPAnet web platform from any device. Users can view test results in real-time or retrospectively through the platform's historical test log. Data can be exported as graphs, and reports can be produced in both .CSV and .PDF formats for subsequent review, analysis, and archiving. Moreover, it allows for the simultaneous connection and management of multiple devices.

Enodest: photo detail
Enodest: photo detail


Main structure made of stainless steel painted with epoxy resin for exceptional strength and durability. For user safety, the design incorporates sensors for sample tube and open door. Additionally, the system also has a dedicated display for technical personnel and an access port for inserting an external validation probe. If an error is detected, the display will show an alert message allowing for quick correction of the problem.



Using the oenological distiller, the process begins by loading a sample and starting a specific program. Then, the equipment adds an exact amount of water to the sample. Next, the steam generator injects water vapor into the sample, heating it rapidly. Consequently, the alcohol is carried away by the steam. It first evaporates and then, after passing through the cooling circuit, it condenses and is collected in the receiving flask. In the following step, the alcoholic strength by volume is determined by optical detection using a calibrated alcoholometer.

To enhance water efficiency, the oenological distiller’s cooling system and steam generator are activated exclusively during the distillation process.

The ENODEST alcohol distiller provides superior automation for measuring the alcoholic strength by volume. It presents a cost-effective and highly efficient option for rapid distillations, enabling accurate and digital documentation of all results.


Technical data

Distillation time (min/mL)
External dimensions (L x D x H mm)
Net weight (Kg)
Power (W)
Voltage* (V)
Frequency (Hz)
*Other voltages and electrical configurations available on request.



When should the correction factor be applied to the distillate?

The correction factor should be applied when the temperature of the distillate differs from 20ºC.

What reagents are needed to carry out distillation?

For alcohol distillation, typically no reagents are used. However, for red wines, an alkalizing agent is added. Additionally, with other alcoholic beverages, glass beads may be used to control boiling or an anti-foaming agent for products with a high sugar concentration.

What instrument is used to measure alcohol content?

Alcohol content is measured with an alcoholmeter.

What step should be performed prior to distillation?

The equipment should be preheated to prepare the structure for distillation.

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