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Discover our portfolio of food analyzers for the analysis of macronutrients and micronutrients in the food, veterinary, cosmetic, chemical and environmental industries.

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RAYPA food analysis equipment
Food analysis

Equipped with innovative technology and fully digital

Transform the way you analyze laboratory samples with complete range of equipment. Thanks to their digital features, which include access to the RAYPAnet online platform, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an user-friendly touchscreen, our devices deliver an unmatched user experience.

Service and expertise

We aim to optimize the performance and durability of your food analyzers, surpassing your anticipated lifespan. Our experienced laboratory technicians possess extensive knowledge and are dedicated to assisting our clients. They provide valuable guidance and support in creating new application notes to maximize the benefits of our equipment.

Food analysis

Equipment for protein analysis using the Kjeldahl method

Boost your lab’s productivity and cut down on both operating costs and labor with our protein analysis solution employing the Kjeldahl method. The digesters are offered in configurations of 6, 12, 20, or 40 positions to simplify batch processing. The inclusion of an automated Kjeldahl distillation system coupled with an external titrator allows for hands-off operation; simply load the samples and let the system function independently.

Raypa Kjeldahl solution optim nr scaled

Our equipment for performing the Kjeldahl method

Fat extraction analysis using the Randall or Soxhlet methods

The SX-6 extractor is the perfect solution for precise and efficient fat content extraction based on the Soxhlet and Randall methods, ensuring consistent results in each test. With a maximum capacity of 6 samples and a compact design, this extractor is ideal for both small and large laboratories. A key feature of the SX-6 is its advanced digital capabilities, as it is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, an easy-to-use touchscreen and access to the online RAYPAnet platform on a PC. All these features enable easy control of the extractor’s status, real-time monitoring of the extraction process and secure storage of all your results.

Soxhlet and Randall Extractor

Soxhlet and Randall Extractor

SX-6 TS Series

Interface: 3,5’’ color touchscreen

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, RAYPAnet

Applications: Randall method, Soxhlet method, Twisselmann method

Oenologic Distiller ENODEST



Interface: 5’’ color touchscreen

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, RAYPAnet

Applications: Determining the alcoholic strength

Analysis of alcoholic strength by volume using standardized methods

The ENODEST wine distiller is the ideal solution for performing precise and accurate distillations of alcoholic beverages in accordance with standardized methods. With its innovative design, ease of use and digital features, it’s the perfect choice for small and medium-sized distilleries and wineries that wish to conduct rigorous quality control of their production. ENODEST’s advanced technology ensures uniform, contamination-free distillation, allowing for reliable results in each analysis. Moreover, its integrated digital control system ensures intuitive and easy operation, with the ability to program and save distillation parameters for repetitive use.

Instruments for the analysis of crude fibre and detergent fibre

The F-6P extractor is a versatile and cost-effective solution for the study of fibre fractions. With a maximum capacity of 6 samples and a compact design, this extractor is suitable for both small and large laboratories. A key feature of the F-6P is its robustness, thanks to its high-quality construction materials and technology, which includes an integrated compressor and vacuum pump. Additionally, it is scalable with our EF-6P cold fat extractor, allowing for the pre-degreasing of samples with high fat content and cold extraction using organic solvents.


Are you looking for technical assistance with your food analysis equipment?

Contact our lab technicians for help with your questions, guidance on specific applications, or to arrange a training session on using our equipment. Additionally, we provide all our customers with extensive support in the correct use and maintenance of each of our instruments.

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Where can I find product information?

You will find all the detailed information about our food analysis equipment on each product page. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help. We would be pleased to proveide you with assistance in choosing the equipment and accessories that best fit your needs.

Is it possible to obtain or develop application notes for food analysis equipment?

Yes. Contact our team of laboratory technicians at lab@raypa.com to obtain or develop specific application notes. Among our services, we offer food technical consulting and custom developments on demand.

What connectivity options are available for our food analysis equipment?

All our devices with touch screens are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature grants access to RAYPAnet, our online management platform, which can be accessed from any device. Through this platform, users can view and export data from analysis cycles, complete with graphical representations, as well as generate reports quickly and efficiently. It also allows real-time or historical access to test data. Additionally, the platform is compatible with all web browsers and supports the simultaneous control of multiple devices, enabling streamlined and effective management of your laboratory's analysis processes. Furthermore, Wi-Fi connectivity allows for the export of data in both .csv and .pdf formats, easing the review, analysis, and subsequent storage of information. This capability is crucial for data integration with other systems and applications.

Do you offer on-site or remote installation and training services?

If you need support with the commissioning of equipment, count on us. This also applies if you need to train the operators who will use the equipment. Our commissioning service includes checking the correct installation of the equipment, a test run, and training for the operators that covers aspects such as operation, recommended maintenance, and troubleshooting minor errors. Optionally, there is also a remote commissioning option available. Additionally, we also offer IQ/OQ/PQ qualification services for those clients who require them.


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