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Food analysis > EF-6P Cold Fat Extractor

Cold fat extractor

Extraction system recommended for degreasing samples prior to fibre extraction or for performing cold extractions of fat content.

  • Compatible with non-polar organic solvents
  • Integrated negative pressure support via peristaltic pump
  • Economical and fast extractions

  • Cold fat extractor%
  • Cold fat extractor%

Cold fat extraction system

Our Cold fat extractor offers a versatile, efficient, and cost-effective solution for quick cold extractions. It features 6 individually adjustable extraction positions, with an exterior made of stainless steel and includes a negative pressure support to break down clumps. It also has a connection for adding positive pressure support and allows for the recovery of solvents used in the assay.

Designed for cold fat extraction procedures using acetone or other non-polar organic solvents, it comes with EPDM and GSR tubes.

The primary recommended application is for cold fat extraction procedures using acetone or other non-polar organic solvents. When used in conjunction with the F-6P Fibre extractor, it enables the use of a source of positive pressure support to break down clumps and perform preliminary degreasing of the sample before hot fibre extraction.

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Our EF-6P cold fat extractor is used to degrease samples prior to hot fibre extraction procedures. As a stand-alone unit, the EF-6P can be used as a cold fat extractor with solvents such as acetone or other non-polar organic solvents, making it ideal for samples with more than 1% fat content and highly recommended for those with over 10%.


Integrated connection with the F-6P equipment to apply positive pressure to break up compact lumps formed during filtration and accelerate extraction. It also features a negative pressure support system through an integrated peristaltic pump on the side of the unit. The extraction process is controlled by three-position valves for precise adjustment between closed, drainage, and positive pressure.

Image details Cold fat extractor
Image details Cold fat extractor


Made with stainless steel and coated with epoxy resin, it ensures unmatched durability and strength. Designed with 6 individual adjustable extraction positions, it includes all necessary components for safe sample handling, along with a set of 6 GSR gaskets.


Cold fat extraction with the EF-6P extractor for the analysis of lipid substances in various samples is aimed at recovering and analyzing fats and oils. This method is primarily designed for cold fat extraction procedures with acetone or other non-polar organic solvents, and also for preliminary degreasing of samples prior to hot fiber extraction.

The process starts with the preparation of the samples. Each sample is carefully weighed and placed in a crucible of known porosity. An organic solvent is then introduced into each crucible, and filtration assisted by the application of negative pressure by means of a peristaltic pump is started. During this process, compact lumps are usually generated and in those laboratories that have the fiber extractor, they can connect both equipment and use the air pump of the F-6P to apply positive pressure on the lower part of the crucibles and break these lumps.


Technical data

Sample positions
Dimensions of glass crucible (Ø x H mm)
External dimensions (L x D x H mm)
Net weight (Kg)
Power (W)
Voltage* (V)
Frequency (Hz)
*Other voltages and electrical configurations available on request.



What is the EF-6P cold fat extractor?

The EF-6P is an extraction system desgiend for extracting fats from various food samples utilizing non-polar organic solvents, such as acetone.

What are the main features of the EF-6P?

The EF-6P has an extraction system with 6 independent positions, stainless steel exterior cabinet, an n integrated peristaltic pump facilitates negative pressure, and an optional connection to the F-6P's air compressor allowing for positive pressure application.

What type of samples is it suitable for?

This extractor is particularly effective for samples with a fat content exceeding 1%, and it's highly recommended for those with more than 10% fat content.

What kind of solvents can be used with the EF-6P?

It can accommodate non-polar organic solvents including acetone, hexane, and petroleum ether.

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