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Autoclave industries

RAYPA autoclave industries

Autoclaves are used across multiple industries and sectors for sterilizing materials, instruments, and equipment through the application of saturated steam at high temperature and pressure. At RAYPA, we manufacture a wide variety of autoclaves, tailored to meet the sterilization process requirements of each industry. Below, you can find the main industries and the corresponding autoclaves we offer that are best suited to them.

Our autoclave types by industry or market

Autoclaves for government agencies

Government agencies, whether in international cooperation, health or research, have a responsibility to ensure that materials used for clinical purposes are free from contamination and are not exposed to sources of infection.

Within our catalog of certified quality autoclaves for these customers, we have a wide variety of models, corresponding to the Classic Line range.

Autoclaves for agriculture and environment

Autoclaves are essential tools in agriculture and environmental protection, ensuring sterile environments for research and the treatment of soil, waste and wastewater.

Within our product catalog, we feature an extensive variety of models for sterilization in the agriculture and environmental industry, corresponding to the Classic Line and Top Line ranges.

Autoclaves for research centers

Autoclaves, essential sterilization tools in research centers, ensure safe environments free from microbiological contamination, protecting the precision and reproducibility of experiments.

Our range of certified quality autoclaves is tailored to meet the specific needs of research centers.

Autoclaves for laboratories

Sterilization in laboratories is essential for ensuring safe and reliable testing.

At RAYPA, we offer a wide variety of laboratory autoclaves from the Classic Line and Top Line ranges. Our autoclaves are easy to operate, featuring intuitive controls and advanced safety features.

Thanks to their robust construction, excellent value for money, ease of installation and maximum efficiency, they are an excellent choice for laboratory sterilization.

Autoclaves for the food industry

Autoclaves for the food industry are mainly used to sterilize packaged foods, extending their shelf life and ensuring their safety by eliminating harmful microorganisms through the use of steam at high temperature and pressure.

Our autoclaves meet rigorous standards and offer comprehensive solutions to sterilization needs in the food industry.

Autoclaves for pharmaceutical

Our autoclaves comply with FDA and EMA standards and offer full process traceability to ensure the quality and safety of sterilization processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Autoclaves for training centers

Autoclaves in training centers are essential for sterilizing materials and ensuring the absence of microbiological contamination, ensuring reliable experiments and research.

At RAYPA, we offer a wide variety of high-quality autoclaves and accessories to meet the sterilization needs of educational and research institutions.

Veterinary autoclaves

In veterinary medicine, autoclaves are essential for sterilizing instruments and preventing infections in the animals to be treated.

At RAYPA we have quality autoclaves for veterinary clinics, designed, manufactured and tested in Barcelona, ensuring their reliability and compliance with regulations and demanding standards.

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