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RAYPA media preparators

Our AE-MP and TLV-MP Series media preparators streamline the operative workflow in microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories. They are designed to reduce the total turnaround time and provide large volumes of sterile culture media thanks to their efficient heating system and fast cooling phase at the end of the sterilization process.

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RAYPA AE-MP and TLV-MP media preparators

Automatic self-cleaning and disinfection of the dispensing lines

All our models include multiple automatic cleaning processes to save time, minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Thanks to our innovative system of steam injection that internally runs through the dispensing lines, cleaning becomes much simpler and gelation issues of the media are avoided. This system allows for cleaning and disinfecting the dispensing lines before and after each cycle, avoiding the need to clean and autoclave the dispensing lines at each rotation Moreover, during dispensing air pressure can be injected to empty the dispensing lines, allowing for the interruption and resumption of dispensing at another time without problems.

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5 processes streamlined in 1 solution

Experience a breakthrough in efficiency with our all-in-one multifunctional device. It merges five key processes: from preparation to dispensing and cleaning. Achieve flawless consistency with fast heating and cooling, meticulous control, and top-tier sterilization offering full traceability. It also provides swift and easy dispensing with an adjustable temperature setting, and concludes with an automatic cleaning of the lines. Streamline your workflow and achieve optimal results with our all-in-one equipment.

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What is the production capacity of a media preparator?

The production capacity varies by model. For instance, in the AE-MP Series media preparators, capacities range from a minimum of 2 to 20 liters up to a maximum of 8 to 90 liters.

What are the typical applications of the media preparator?

Media preparators are essentially used for the preparation and sterilization of numerous types of culture media commonly used in microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories. This includes both solid and liquid forms. Common culture media examples include Peptone Water, Lysogeny Broth, Murashige and Skoog Medium, Linsmaier and Skoog Medium, Gamborg Medium, Tryptic Soy Agar, Chocolate Agar, MacConkey Agar, Sabouraud Agar, and mediums for Drosophila nutrition. In addition, the media preparator can also be used to prepare specialized culture media, such as Charcoal Agar, which has a high viscosity but does not require pre-swelling due to its blades that constantly agitate the solution. Another example would be Blood Agar, for which a temperature cycle can be programmed to allow the blood to be added after the sterilization temperature peak and then the temperature to be raised again. It is also possible to prepare recipes that require the addition of thermolabile nutrients or antibiotics after the sterilization phase.

What options are available for dispensing culture media?

To select the right dispensing mode, it is crucial to first know the volume of media you need to dispense per container. For smaller vessels such as test tubes, the peristaltic pump is generally used to dispense the medium. The execution of each dispensation can be performed by pressing a foot pedal or through a time delay. If a higher flow rate is required, you can add a second peristaltic pump. Depending on the size of the tubing and the number of peristaltic pumps installed, the dispensing speed in this mode will vary between 7 and 33 ml/s. On the other hand, for larger containers, dispensing is usually done through the external dispensing station using higher flow rates. In this more, each dispensing operation can be performed by pressing a foot pedal or using an optical sensor. Depending on the selected pressure support level, the dispensing speed will vary between 65 and 100 ml/s. Finally, for those customers who need to produce large quantities of Petri dishes, our automated carousel is the most appropriate solution.

What utilities are required for the installation of a media preparator?

Every model, irrespective of its size or variant, needs the same utilities. This includes an electrical connection, a decalcified water connection and a drain connection. Additionally, in some circumstances or with the installation of certain accessories, such as the kit for an automatic filling of chamber, an extra water inlet might be necessary. High-wattage models deserve extra caution due to potential electrical compatibility issues with your site's specifications. For more detailed information, we encourage you to download the specific installation guide for each model. Alternatively, you can contact us directly. We will be pleased to provide guidance on the available options for each unit.

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