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Autoclaves with fast cooling for laboratories and industry

In autoclave sterilization, the cooling phase often represents the most time-consuming part of the process, particularly for liquid loads. To ensure liquids are sterilized safely, they must cool to 80ºC before the autoclave door is reopened, preventing operator injuries. Liquid loads inherently cool more slowly, prolonging this phase. However, the advent of autoclaves equipped with fast cooling systems marks significant progress, potentially shortening this stage by up to 90%, depending on the autoclave model and the nature of the load.

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What are the features of autoclaves with fast cooling?

Autoclaves featuring fast cooling capabilities incorporate various components designed to expedite the cooling process of the autoclave load.

In this type of autoclave, the main chamber is surrounded by a coil-type water circuit through which cold water circulates. The internal radial fan is responsible for moving the air inside the chamber. As it moves, the air from the fan displaces heat to the walls, which are then cooled by the cold water flowing through the surrounding coil.

This system causes the air to cool rapidly, enabling both the autoclave and its contents to quickly reach the safe temperature required for opening the chamber.

Operation of autoclaves with fast cooling.

Thanks to this feature, sterilized items and components are available for use much quicker, without any compromise on the quality of the process. Furthermore, sterilized liquids, objects, and instruments are better protected, as the time they are exposed to high temperatures is reduced.

In certain instances, this decrease in cooling time can surpass 70%, amounting to reductions of up to 45 minutes.

Fast cooling in this type of autoclave begins once the sterilization process has been completed. But before it starts, it is necessary to insert compressed air into the chamber. This method ensures that the internal pressure does not plummet abruptly, thus preventing complications and accidents involving the contents, such as excessive evaporation of liquids, spills, or breakages.

To properly process the load and monitor its cooling, these autoclaves are equipped with one or several flexible probes that are inserted directly into the load. This allows for the verification that the processed items have cooled sufficiently to be safely handled before opening the autoclave door.

Autoclaves with fast cooling functionality are equipped with a water coil, a flexible probe, and an air compressor for this purpose. In many cases, they also include an internal fan that serves to further accelerate the process.

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Autoclaves and sterilizers with fast cooling of certified quality

At RAYPA, we design and manufacture autoclaves with fast cooling that ensure precise, safe, and efficient sterilization processes.

Our TLV-FA Series comprises vertical autoclaves with fast cooling, engineered to deliver an advanced level of liquid sterilization in both research-related settings and various industrial fields. These include the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology industry.

In addition, they are equipped with professional traceability and are prepared to work in GLP, GMP and FDA environments.

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