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Autoclaves for high schools

The necessity for sterilizing objects and equipment extends across the educational spectrum, encompassing not only high schools but also elementary and middle schools where laboratories facilitate the first steps of students into the world of scientific inquiry. In these vital educational environments, maintaining a sterile setting is paramount for the safety and effectiveness of learning experiences. Therefore, the provision of autoclaves, characterized by their reliability, ease of use and safety, is essential for supporting educational institutions at every level in fostering clean and secu

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Sterilization solutions for high school laboratories

An autoclave for sterilization processes in high schools is typically located in the educational institution’s laboratory. It can also be found in other facilities, such as the kitchen, especially if training related to food sterilization is conducted.

In all scenarios, whether autoclaves are intended for high school laboratories or those installed in kitchens, it is essential to properly prepare the material for sterilization. For this purpose, it must be washed beforehand, and the instruments to be sterilized must be placed in baskets or trays. As for laboratory waste, it should be placed in special bags that are made to withstand autoclave conditions.

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The sterilization process for instruments and utensils, irrespective of their specific use, follows a uniform protocol when using an autoclave. This method involves subjecting the items to high-pressure saturated steam, with temperatures ranging from 115 to 130 degrees Celsius (between 239 to 266 degrees Fahrenheit).

This temperature should be kept constant for 10 to 25 minutes, depending on the required sterilization conditions. After completion, it is necessary to wait for the pressure and temperature of the autoclave chamber to decrease before removing the now-sterile materials.

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Autoclaves for high schools of certified quality

At RAYPA, we offer a wide selection of autoclaves for high schools. Our product catalog features an extensive variety of models, including the AES, AVS-N, AHS-N and AE-DRY Series from the Classic Line range.

Designed for ease of use, our autoclaves feature intuitive controls and advanced safety features, enabling thorough traceability of the sterilization process. Their robust construction, outstanding value and straightforward installation make them an exceptional choice for training schools.

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In addition to the variety of models, there is a wide range of accessories available to be equipped, including baskets, trays, cloud-based management software and transport carts.

The reliability of sterilization equipment is essential not just for ensuring safety and experiment efficacy but also for maintaining high standards in both research and educational lab environments. That is why all our autoclaves for training centers have been designed and built entirely in our facilities in Barcelona for more than 45 years, a testimony of our quality and experience in these products.

This equipment undergoes extensive testing to ensure its quality and to comply with the most stringent regulations and standards, including the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). By adopting this approach, we pursue the highest levels of production excellence and ensure the safety of our products.

At RAYPA, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet our customers’ sterilization requirements. With our wide selection of autoclaves and the expert advice of our team, we assist you in finding the equipment that best suits your requirements.

For more detailed and customized guidance on choosing the ideal autoclave for your laboratory, do not hesitate to reach out to our experts. Working together, we can identify and provide a solution that ensures both efficiency and safety in all your sterilization operations.



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Our team of highly qualified technicians and engineers are experts in our products. If you experience a technical issue, it will be our priority to rectify it. When you purchase a RAYPA unit, you’re guaranteed top-level support and technical assistance.

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RAYPA is a global leader in manufacturing laboratory autoclaves. Each of our autoclaves is designed and built entirely at our facilities in Barcelona, ensuring the highest levels of production excellence.

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We offer an extensive portfolio of laboratory autoclaves to cover multiple applications and market segments. Discover the combination of autoclave model and accessories that best fits your needs within our 11 series and 35 available models.

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