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Veterinary autoclaves

MedicalFor both medical and surgical procedures conducted on humans and animals, it is imperative to use instruments, implants, and equipment that have been rigorously sterilized. This is essential to hinder the spread of infections and safeguard the well-being of the patient. In veterinary medicine, autoclaves play a key role in this sterilization process.

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Sterilizing veterinary instruments with autoclaves

In veterinary practices, much like in human healthcare, the process of sterilization is of utmost importance. This applies to a wide array of procedures, including surgeries, dental work, and other invasive treatments, necessitating that all tools and implants undergo thorough sterilization. Such a precautionary measure is crucial for preventing post-surgical infections and complications that could arise from pathogenic organisms.

An autoclave serves as an essential piece of equipment in this context, designed to sterilize various instruments and items by employing high-pressure steam at saturation. This method is highly effective in deactivating a wide range of pathogens, including fungi, bacterial spores, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms, ensuring that instruments and materials are devoid of any microbial contamination before they are used.

The sterilization procedure for veterinary tools begins by placing the already cleaned instruments into the chamber of the autoclave. In certain cases, particularly for items that won’t be used immediately, it’s advisable to wrap and seal the instruments before placing them in the autoclave. Once the instruments are loaded, the chamber is securely closed to commence the sterilization cycle. This cycle starts with the expulsion of air through multiple vacuum pulses, aimed at removing any air pockets to allow for more effective steam penetration into the sterilized items. Subsequently, the chamber is filled with saturated steam, which increases both the temperature and pressure inside, facilitating the sterilization process.

For sterilization to be effective, the autoclave must reach and maintain certain temperature and pressure levels. Typically, the process involves heating water vapor to around 121 degrees Celsius (250 degrees Fahrenheit) at a pressure of 2.2 Bars (32 psi). This high temperature and pressure combination is key to ensuring the complete elimination of all resistant microorganisms.

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Achieving and sustaining specific temperature and pressure levels is critical for the complete sterilization of veterinary instruments. Typically, the instruments are exposed to these sterilization conditions for a duration ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, although the exact time may vary depending on the type of material and the load size.

Following the completion of the designated sterilization time, the autoclave gradually vents the steam, thereby lowering the internal pressure. Once the pressure has been fully normalized, it becomes safe to open the autoclave and retrieve the now-sterilized instruments.

For larger veterinary clinics that conduct numerous surgeries daily, a more substantial autoclave or multiple units might be necessary. Conversely, smaller clinics or those with fewer surgical procedures might find compact, benchtop autoclaves sufficient.

Autoclaves are available in top-loading and front-loading designs, with the choice often influenced by the clinic’s space constraints and staff preferences. Critical to the selection of an autoclave is the inclusion of features such as a fractionated pre-vacuum, an integrated steam generator, and final drying capabilities. These features are indispensable for the effective sterilization of sealed bags, instrument cases, medical implants and items with complex geometries or internal cavities.

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Veterinary autoclaves of certified quality

At RAYPA, we offer a wide selection of veterinary autoclaves. Our product catalog features an extensive variety of models, including the AE-B, AHS-B and TLV-PD Series from the Classic Line and Top Line ranges. Designed for ease of use, our autoclaves feature intuitive controls and advanced safety features, enabling thorough traceability of the sterilization process.

Their robust construction, outstanding value and straightforward installation make them an exceptional choice for veterinary clinics.

In addition to the variety of models, there is a wide range of accessories available to be equipped, such as baskets, trays, ticket printers, label printers and basket lifting cranes.

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Trust in sterilization equipment is essential for both process and patient safety, as well as quality assurance in veterinary clinics. That is why for over 45 years, all our autoclaves have been designed and constructed at our facilities in Barcelona, reflecting our commitment to quality and our extensive experience.

Our equipment undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its quality and compliance with the most demanding regulations and standards, including the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). By adopting this approach, we pursue the highest levels of production excellence and ensure the safety of our products.

At RAYPA, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet our customers’ sterilization requirements. With our wide selection of autoclaves and the expert advice of our team, we assist you in finding the equipment that best suits your requirements.

For more detailed and customized guidance on choosing the ideal autoclave for your laboratory, do not hesitate to contact our experts. Working together, we can identify and provide a solution that ensures both efficiency and safety in all your sterilization operations.



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