Culture media preparator

AE-MP Series
AE-MP streamlines the operative workflow for microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories. In one single device it is integrated the preparation, sterilization and dispensation of high quality culture media with outstanding batch to batch reproducibility. AE-MP are designed to reduce total run time and deliver high volumes of sterile culture media thanks to its efficient heating system and fast cooling phase at the end of the sterilization process.

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Intended use

  • For microbiology
  • Plant tissue culture laboratories.


  • Fast heating.
  • Fast Cooling. Until 60% less time.
  • Programmable peristaltic pump.
  • High precision timer to adjust the exact dosing.
  • Foot pedal for easy and ergonomical use.
  • 2 predefined programs and 48 user free.
  • USB / Ethernet.
  • Heart probe on the culture media.
  • Automatic water feeding.
  • Strong and reliable design.


  • Preparation, sterilization, cooling and dispensing all integrated.
  • Chamber case and lid made of AISI-316L stainless steel. External case and top made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Stirring speed control.
  • Brand new Touch Screen color display for an easy programming and parameters selection for sterilization process.
  • 50 programs (2 predefined).
  • Parameters setting: Sterilization temperature, Sterilization time, Dispensing temperature.
  • The required dispensing dose is selected with an external control and a foot pedal is pressed for integrated peristaltic pump activation (max speed 270 rpm).
  • Pure water for sterilization can be added manually between the cuvette and the main chamber until level detector is activated.
  • Automatic filling is available by connecting the device to pure mains water.
  • External or integrated printer (optional).


  • Safety valve.
  • Safety thermostat.
  • Door opening prevention system in case of over-pressure.
  • Open door sensor.
  • Water level detector.

Reference Capacity total/useful L Chamber Ø × H mm L x D x H mm
AE-20-MP * 20/18 320 x 350 615 x 815 x 735
AE-40-MP 40/36 320 x 500 615 x 815 x 1100
AE-60-MP 60/54 320 x 700 615 x 815 x 1320
AE-80-MP ** 80/72 420 x 500 755 x 935 x 1285
AE-100-MP ** 100/90 420 x 700 755 x 935 x 1385

* Included stainless steel table with casters for AE-20MP. Ref. TABLE-MP, L x D x H: 700 x 700 x 600 mm
** On request

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CI - perforated stainless steel basket

CCI - stainless steel basket

CV - stainless steel wire basket

CEPP - Stainless steel cylinder to sterilize pipettes

CEP - Stainless steel cylinder with basket to sterilize Petri dishes

SRA - support with vertical adjustment shelves

IT - built in printer

ITS - benchtop printer

Software SW8000

TEST-CT - sterilization indicator tape