Vertical Floor-standing Laboratory Autoclaves with prevacuums and drying

AE-B series
Suitable to sterilize solids, wrapped and unwrapped hollow and porous ware.

Technical data sheet

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Intended use

  • Suitable to sterilize solids, wrapped and unwrapped hollow and porous ware.



  • Fractionned vacuum (1 – 3 pre-vacuums).
  • Easy chamber cleaning.
  • Programmable start (date and hour).
  • 12 predefined programs and 38 user free.
  • Storage: more than 100 assays.
  • USB (Data and updates download).
  • Ethernet (connection to PC).


  • Chamber case and lid made of AISI-316L stainless steel. External case and top made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • It includes inlet in chamber for an external validation probe.
  • Immediate production of steam through the built-in steam generator.
  • Touch Screen color display for an easy programming and parameters selection for sterilization process.
  • Parameters setting: Sterilization temperature, Sterilization time, Drying time and number of pre-vacuum.
  • Pure water for sterilization can be added manually into the water reservoir. Automatic filling (optional) is also available by connecting the device to a distilled water network.
  • External or integrated printer (optional).
  • Test Cycles: Vacuum Test, Bowie & Dick Test / Helix Test.
  • 50 programs (12 predefined).


  • Safety valve.
  • Safety thermostat.
  • Door opening prevention system in case of overpressure.
  • Open door sensor.
  • Water level detector.


Special models

Special models of AE-28B, AE-50B, AE-75B, AE-110B and AE-150B are available with increased power to 3200W (AE-28B), 6000W (AE-50B, AE-75B and AE-110B) and 9000W (AE-110B and AE-150B). The equipments with increased power allow to reduce the total sterilization cycle time by shortening the heating phase particularly in autoclaves with a high workload.

AE-50 B AE-75 B AE-110 B AE-150 B
Chamber dimensions Ø x H 300 x 700 mm 400 x 600 mm 400 x 850 mm 500 x 750 mm
Chamber Volume total / usable 55/50 79/75 115/110 175/150
External dimensions L x D x H 505 x 580 x 1290 mm 610 x 700 x 1185 mm 610 x 700 x 1435 mm 750 x 820 x 1400 mm
Weight 110 Kg 140 Kg 180 Kg 265 Kg
Power 3600 W 3600 W 6000 W 6000 W
Electrical voltage* 230 (1P+N+E) V 230 (1P+N+E) V 400 (3P+N+E) V 400 (3P+N+E) V
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz

* Other voltages supplies are available on request



CCI - Stainless steel basket

CV - Stainless steel wire basket

CEPP - Stainless steel cylinder to sterilize pipettes

CEP - Stainless steel cylinder with basket to sterilize Petri plates

TBE - Stainless steel sterilization drum

SRA - Support with height adjustable trays

IT - Built in printer

PT-2 - Heart probe

SW8000 - Software

PRENSACLAV - For calibration

ELEV-CLAV - Baskets crane

TEST-CT - Sterilization control tape

TEST-BD - Bowie & Dick Test

TEST-HT - Helix Test