Kjeldahl Distillers

DNP Series
Our Kjeldahl distillers work according to the internationally recognized Kjeldahl method, a reference procedure to analyze nitrogen and protein content in several fields of application.

Besides performing protein nitrogen analysis according to Kjeldahl or volatile acidity, you can also determine alcohol, sorbic acid, SO2, phenols, cyanide, ammonia and nitric nitrogen content.

Different models of our Kjeldahl distillers adapt to each laboratory requirements, from semiautomatic models to fully automatic, all options guaranteeing safety for the users with automatic distillation interruption on overtemperature or overpressure and fixing cooling water input if required. Furthermore, our distillers work according to standardized procedures such as AOAC, ISO, EPA and DIN. The DNP Series distillers are designed to give reliable, accurate and precise results.

Available under 2 models: DNP-1500 TS & DNP-2000 TS.

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  • System control by microprocessor with with a 5” touchscreen
  • Additionally, the system has fixed programs:
    – Ammonium sulphate test.
    – Preheating of the system.
    – Sample waste washing.
  • Adaptable system for distillation tubes of different diameters.



  • Optional Kit for automatic titration.
  • 100 programs: 18 predefined and editable and 82 user-free.
  • Calibrable pumps by the user.
  • Steam generator with water level control.
  • Sample suction.
  • Boric acid pump.
  • Results in N or total protein.



  • Measurement range: from 0.1 to 200 mg of N.
  • Nitrogen recovery: >99.5%.
  • Reproducibility: ± 1%.
  • Electric power: 1800 W.

Programmable parameters and values

  • Water for dilution: 0-255 ml.
  • NaOH solution: 0-255 ml.
  • H3BO3 solution: 0-255 ml.
  • Delay time: 0-30 min.
  • Distillation time: 0-90 min.
  • Steam flow regulation: 30-100%.
  • Sample aspiration: Yes/No.



  • Open door sensor.
  • Sample tube detection.
  • Overtemperature thermostat.
  • Overpressure switch.
  • Cooling water inlet pressure regulator.
  • Steam generator water level detector.


Components supplied with the equipment

  • 1 distillation tube Ø42 x 300 mm.
  • 3 quick-connect 10L tanks for H2O, NaOH and sample residues.
  • 1 fast connection H3BO3 container of 5 litres.
  • Additional pipe without filter for steam addition.
  • Automatic titrator.
  • Several connection hoses.
  • Anti-drip tray.


Once the sample is digested and ready for distillation, load it into the DNP distiller and choose the required program. The equipment adds the selected reagents in the exact quantity and the analyte is separated by steam distillation. At first it is evaporated and then it condenses falling into the receiver flask. In the next step nitrogen content is accurately determined through titration and results are exported into your PC.
To save water, the steam generator and the water refrigeration circuit are only activated during distillation.
Once the distillation is completed, the residue left in the sample tube is aspired and removed.

The combination of the DNP-2000 TS distiller with the KIT-TITRA-RAY external titrator offers a unique, economic and very effective automatization of the Kjeldahl method by transferring samples, carrying out fast distillations, executing accurate analyte titrations and proper results registry in one solution.

Externals dimensions L x D x H440 x 340 x 790 mm440 x 340 x 790 mm220 x 400 x 360 mm
Power1800 W1800 W80 W
Voltage* 230 V230 V230 V
Weight30 Kg31 Kg4 Kg
Frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Tank capacity H2O10 L10 L
Tank capacity NaOH10 L10 L
Tank capacity H3BO35 L
External titrator (KIT-TITRA-RAY) Optional

*Also available with a voltage of 115 V.



Kit automatic titration

External titrator software

Distillation tube

Distillation tube

Reinforced distillation tube for waste water or slurry analysis

Distillation tube

Reaction vessel

Adapter for Buchi® tubes