Incineration of organic matter to prevent cross contamination by contact or splashing.
Specially indicated in microbiology for the sterilization of small metal utensils like needles, lancets, inoculating loops and tweezers.

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Microincinerators – BAT-850


  • Quartz incinerator tube, with electric element and thermally insulated with ceramic fiber.
  • Protective external grid made of stainless steel. Epoxy resin oven painted base.
  • Start up pilot light.
  • Sterilization by infrared rays.
  • Organic material is incinerated by introducing it into an incandescent quartz tube, avoiding splashing of infectious microorganisms.


  • Perfect substitute of Bunsen burners and alcohol lamps.
  • Sterilization is completed within 5-7 seconds at 850 ºC.
  • Very safe to operate with, no open flame while functioning.

External dimensions L x D x H120 x 190 x 180 mm
Internal dimensions Ø x L15 x 165 mm
Maximum Temperature850 ºC
Power 100 W
Gross weight1‚5 Kg
Voltage 230 V
Frequency50 / 60 Hz