Oenologic Distiller

Oenologic distiller by steam dragging. Suitable for determination of volumetric alcoholic degree in beverages, wines, beers, liquors, and liquid samples.
Suitable to determine volatile acidity and sorbic acid.

Technical data sheet




Intended use

  • Determination of the volumetric alcoholic degree in wines, musts, beers and spirit drinks of high graduation according to the regulation OIV, CEE 2676/90 and CE 2870/2000. Volatile Acidity and Sorbic Acid can also be measured.


  • Distillation unit by steam dragging.
  • It has a steam generator automatically fed with distilled water, having electronic level control and automatic stop in the case of lack of water in the container.
  • Safety thermostat.
  • Automatic distillation stop.
  • Manual levelling of the distillate avoiding adding distilled water.
  • Automatic stop of refrigerating water at the end of distillation.
  • Optical display of minimal level of water 
in the steam generator.
  • Button to add distillate manually.


  • Refrigeration water flow: 75 l/h.
  • Water consumption (steam generator): 1,6 l/h.
  • Distilled water reservoir: 10 l.
  • Approx. distillation time: 7 min/200 ml.


Components supplied with the equipment

  • 1 distillation tube for maximum 
sample volume of 100 ml.
  • 1 distillation tube for maximum 
sample volume of 250 ml.
  • 1 volumetric flask of 100 ml.
  • 1 volumetric flask of 200 ml.
  • 1 volumetric flask of 250 ml.
  • 1 reservoir of 10 litres for H2O.
  • Connection hoses.
External dimensions L x D x H 385 x 360 x 865 mm
Weight 27 Kg
Power 2000 W
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz


TB 42300 - distillation tube

TB 80300 - distillation tube

GRA - rack 6 tubes

ALC- Alcoholometer

MA - Volumetric flask

GF-10L - Water tank